Naming basics

Model naming

Any application customization should have suffix related with current application model, which is 2-3-character model acronym.


Tables\PurchTable_VG (project 'Volgagas', model 'Volgagas')
Classes\SalesFormLetter_KFC (project 'KFC', model 'KFC')
Forms Extensions\PurchTable_BZN (project 'BI.ZONE', model 'BI.ZONE')

On present site we use model acronym _PRJ as an example.

Name structure

Application object names should be constructed hierarchically from four basic components.

For tables:

{business area name} + {business area description} + {type of contents} + _ + {model acronym}

For classes:

{business area name} + {business area description} + {action performed} + _ + {model acronym}

For forms:

{business area name} + {business area description} + {type of contents/usability} + _ + {model acronym}



General Rules

  • All names must be in U.S. English.

  • The default rule is to use logical and descriptive names if no other specialized rules apply.

  • Identifier names have a limit of 81 characters.

  • Names in the Application Object Tree (AOT) and in X++ code must correspond to the names in the U.S. English user interface.

  • Names must be spelled correctly.

  • Names must be used consistently.

  • Each path in the AOT must be unique; nodes must not have identical names.

  • All texts that appear in the user interface must be defined by using a label. (This rule applies only if you want your solution certified as an international solution.)

  • Do not begin a name with “DEL_” unless it is a table, extended data type or enum, and it is needed for data upgrade purposes.

  • EDT cannot be with the same name as a Table, Base Enum, or Class.


Subject area object prefix

A subject area specific application object is prefixed with the name of the subject area the object belongs to.

Following prefixes should be used in different subject areas:

Subject area Prefix Example
Inventory Invent* InventAccountType_PRJ
Products EcoResProduct* EcoResProductType_PRJ
Product categories EcoResCategory* EcoResCategoryClass_PRJ
Customers Cust* CustBankAccount
Vendors Vend*  
Ledger Ledger*  
Project Proj*  
Production Prod*  
Warehouse management WMS

Application area object prefix

An application area object is prefixed with the name of the application area the object belongs to.

Subject area Prefix Example
System wide feature Sys
Workflow Workflow*  
Data Management Framework DMF*  

The DEL_ prefix

DEL_ is a special prefix. It is an abbreviation for Deleted and is used for application objects that will be deleted. After an object is prefixed with DEL_, it will be supported for a release and then deleted in the next version of the product.

DEL_ tables and fields are necessary to allow data update. Such objects allow access to old data that must be migrated to a new location.

When an object with a DEL_ prefix is introduced, the update mechanisms handle changes in the standard application, for example by moving fields and X++ code to the table that replaces the one with the DEL_ prefix. But, if you have written X++ code that references an application object that has been given a DEL_ prefix, you have to update these references yourself.