Naming conventions for classes

Extension of classes are named by adding the _PRJ and _Extension suffixes to the original class name.


class PurchReqWFExpendiParticipantProvider_PRJ_Extension
	. . .

Event handlers

For implementing event handlers we should use EventHandler_PRJ suffix, accompanying table name:

class EcoResAttributeValueEventHandler_PRJ
    [DataEventHandler(tableStr(EcoResAttributeValue), DataEventType::Inserting)]
    public static void EcoResAttributeValue_onInserting(Common sender, DataEventArgs e)
        EcoResAttributeValue ecoResAttributeValue = sender as EcoResAttributeValue;
        // Call the method as if it was defined directly on EcoResAttributeValue.

For implementing event handlers on the forms, please use FormEventHandler_PRJ suffix, accompanying with form name:

class EcoResAttributeValueFormEventHandler_PRJ
    [FormEventHandler(formStr(EcoResAttributeValue), FormEventType::Closing)]
    public static void EcoResAttributeValue_OnClosing(xFormRun sender, FormEventArgs e)
        FormDataSource ecoResProduct_ds = sender.dataSource(formDataSourceStr(EcoResAttributeValue, EcoResProductAttributeValue));
        EcoResProductAttributeValue ecoResAttributeValue = ecoResProduct_ds.cursor();

Important Notes:
After implementing of new Pre-/Post- event handler, you should rebuild your model (during this build the XML files with the list of handlers will be updated in the Bin folder of the model).